About this template

1. This template was created for small local businesses type restaraunt, bar, tavern but can be easily converted into something different by replacing headings, texts and photos.

2. Certain feel of the template for traditional, artisanal oriented businesses is achieved by use of original Medieval pattern used for the background. But you can replace it with any other background and achieve another look while the main content box will not be affected as it is pretty neutral in its style.

3. The template was done in two language directions: left to right and right to left.

4. The entire set of page layouts gives you freedom to use, combine and choose those ones that serve you best. You have variants and options. You can also choose from 3 colour schemes and 3 backgrounds pre-made stylesheets or create your own stylesheet based on those that included with your own colour and background variations and preferences.

5. The template shows variety of features like draggable image, sliding panel, sliding tabs, beautiful transitions for images, tinybox modal windows, working forms based on Google Docs with custom select input, drop-down menus, paginated blocks of content and many other features.

6. The template offers a great possibility to manage your HTML website without knowledge of html and without tailoring it to cms platform type Wordpress. All you need to do is to open your account in simple and free cms and you can manage your texts and photos without any effort to study the code.

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